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The Student Ride Board is provided as a convenience to Muhlenberg students and is not sponsored by the College. The ride listings and arrangements are the sole responsibility of the participating students so be careful about giving out your personal information over the Internet to people you do not know. You are solely responsible for the accuracy and identity of the information you choose to make available on this forum. When posting information, please keep this in mind.

When you find a potential rider or driver, we suggest sending mail to the person and arrange to meet them in a public place before you actually start car pooling or trip sharing. At this meeting: you should agree on cost sharing; the route you will take; make sure your ride/rider has a student BergID card; and the driver has a valid driver's license and car insurance. Let a friend know who you are riding with, your destination, and when you expect to arrive.

Muhlenberg College cannot guarantee you will find a ride or riders and is not responsible for any mishaps which occur during trips arranged by using the Ride Board. Note: The Ride Board is an informational service only and is not regulated in any way by Muhlenberg College.

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